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Aishwarya Avhad Surekha

Aishwarya Avhad Surekha - 1 - 2 YEARS Experience



I am a mechanical engineering student and good in maths. I have an experience of teaching students of grade 8 to 10 for a year. I am passionate about teaching.


Airoli, Dombivali, Kalyan, Mulund, Thane(City), Th..More Airoli , Dombivali , Kalyan , Mulund , Thane(City) , Thane(Kalwa)




Maths, Science, Social Science, Physics


9, 10, 11 Science, 11 Commerce, 12 Science, 12 Commerce


Graduate from Mumbai University
Mumbai University

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Padam Singh Verma

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Madhu Nandagopal

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Sharad Darji

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Riyaz Himat Milwala

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Mihir Dharap

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Home Tutor in Mumbai - Subin Mathews

Subin Mathews

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