PVR Pictures

Genext Students is the official Online Education Partner of PVR Picture’s to-be-soon-released movie TARZANIt will hit cinemas on April 18, 2014 in 2D & 3D across India. We at Genext Students firmly believe that education is not limited to subjects studied in school. Learning is an on going process and there are a multitude of sources available for the same.

On the same lines, we believe movies and shows can also be a great source of learning for the kids. The same is portrayed by the movie TARZAN which offers a lot of learning to the kids on following aspects:

  1. Friendship
  2. Courage and Strong Will
  3. Communication
  4. Love

and much more.

So kids, exams are over and it’s time to chill and relax. Watch out TARZAN and learn some interesting aspects of life. You can also win FREE  TARZAN movie tickets by playing this Contest. Click Hereand Enjoy!