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The right to education for everyone

Nov 9th, 2018

The Indian Constitution states that every child till the age of 14 should attend school and those
who are financially unstable, the government would take responsibility for the studies of those
children till the age of 14. But is it happening? Most of the children are forced to work so as to
earn money for their living. These children could not avail their right to study. In such cases, the
government should at least check whether the children are receiving basic education or not.
Though this might seem impossible, it can be done. Many government schools are set up in all
sectors, including rural areas where the children are staying there are taught, and even mid-day
meals are provided. In many cases, evening schools are also set up so that children or women,
who want to learn, can attend the school after doing their daily chores. Many tuition teachers
are appointed for the post of teaching in such schools. Tuition Teachers in Pune are appointed
for teaching in the outskirts of the rural area surrounding the city.
Not only children, all human beings have the right to education. Illiteracy is the biggest issue in
the nation. In a country full of modernisation, some parts are still in the backward region where
the light of education has not yet reached. Government is still trying to develop more schools
so that all those areas can rise due to literacy. Education has evolved as one of the basic needs
of the human beings. Without primary knowledge, one cannot survive in this world.
While the government is still trying to educate people on all aspects, it is to be understood by
people that education should not be avoided and that there’s no specific age for learning. One
needs to have a desire to learn new things, only then would they be able to succeed. The
teachers appointed for these schools also make sure to encourage the students and the people
to come to the school and gain knowledge.