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ICSE Board Sample Papers can Help to Overcome Exam Pressure

Dec 19th, 2016

Board exams are something that creates a lot of anxiety and stress among students. Partly because they fear if they would meet up the expectations of their parents and teachers, the pressure created due to the competitive spirit among peers and friends to excel, and the way they would perform in their exams. And another reason adding up to the fears is because they are clueless about the exam patterns, the way questions will be raised up from the vast syllabus to be covered in a defined time span, and the evaluation system used to calculate the overall performance in the exams. And if the examinations are from ICSE board, the reactions and trepidation are quite obvious due to the vast and detailed syllabus that needs to be covered to appear for the exams, the assessment system used to evaluate a student’s performance, and teaching methodologies applied to dissipate quality education.

Students apply different ways to deal with the overwhelming anxiety. Some students switch to online learning to brush up weaker concepts. ICSE study sites ave literally turned up to be a great savior when one needs information. If you want to explore a concept beyond what is available in the textbooks, just turn on your computer, open up a web browser, type in your keywords, and a plethora of information is available to you at a mere click of a button. Other students may go through the available study material to gain an in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Some students may prefer self study while others take up group studies or may turn to tutors to help them get a hold on the areas of difficulty. Whatever be the approach to learning, they all have a single aim in mind, to crack the ICSE board exams with flying colors.

The best way to deal with the anxiety and stress is, however, to stay as prepared for the exam as you can. Students can often do this by thoroughly going through the ICSE Board website where they can gain an insight into the exact syllabus format, grading, and evaluation system followed for assessing the
answer sheets, and the exam pattern. Apart from that, some ICSE Board Sample Papers are also available on some websites and nearby bookstores. You can grab a copy of the previous year question papers and sample papers and get them solved. Solving the sample papers this way will give you a better understanding of how the questions will be asked in the actual exam, and how to approach different sections of the syllabus. You will get a familiarity with the actual format in which the questions will appear in the ICSE board exams. This will not just help in revising the concepts but also make you aware of the key areas and concepts that require more focus and practice,s thereby helping you overcome your fears and anxiety. So next time you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins due to anxiety caused by exam fear, grab a sample paper and solve it. Focus and study more for weaker concepts and you are all set for being one to one with the ICSE board exams.