Unlocking your child’s future potential with quality home tutors

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Let’s educate

Education is something that the world runs on. It can be defined as an invisible hand, which helps us in taking care of all the matters that we can think of. Whether it is finding a job or just having a healthy argument … Read More »

1st Genext Live Global Quiz a resounding success!

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Genext Students conducted its 1st ever live Global Quiz between July 16, 2016 (Saturday) and July 17, 2016 (Sunday). There was a tremendous response with more than 5000 participants taking the quiz not only from India but also from countries like USA, UK, UAE, Oman, … Read More »

Advantages of a private tutor

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Private tutoring system is thriving on the falling standards of the quality of teaching in the schools. The difference between the result of the classroom learning in school and one-to-one personalized home tuitions is drastic. Every student has a different learning curve so nothing can … Read More »

Genext Students – Trusted home tuitions in Mumbai

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Private home tutoring has been prevalent in the country since decades. Even though there have been several improvisations in the educational standards, it has not impacted the substantial growth of private home tutoring. Private home tutoring has always supplemented students’ academic growth and helped to Read More »

Find the ideal home tutor at Genext Students

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Despite  many educational reforms in the country over a period of time, the private tutoring industry is still blooming year after year. The informal education system, i.e. private tutoring has always been filling the loopholes of the formal education system, i.e. the education imparted in … Read More »

Tips to Plan a CBSE Student’s Academic Year

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Entering a new academic year is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. While it makes you proud to have climbed another step on your ladder to success, the increased workload and complexity of subjects is also a bit frightening, isn’t it? Not … Read More »

Top 7 tips to select a home tutor for your kids.

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A tutor can help in improving your child’s academic standing, improve his confidence and retain his focus. But this will only be possible if you can find the tutor that can fit your child’s temperament and learning style. Especially private tutor are the most … Read More »

6 Tips for Parents to help kids during exam preparation

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It is only natural to feel anxious when your kids are taking examinations. The responsibility of children performing well in their exams partially lies with you. As parents, you have a lot to offer to your children when they are taking exams. Here are a … Read More »

Time Table is the Key to Success

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As you work towards your exam the most valuable asset you have is, without a doubt, time. You may always feel like there’s ample of time in your hands before it slips away and it’s too late. Every student gets equal time for preparation … Read More »

5 Tips to concentrate on studies during World T20

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Every two years students appearing for their board exams are caught in a dilemma, whether to focus all their attention on studies or catch bits of World T20. And this year is no different. It goes without saying that studies are most important but … Read More »