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Which board is best for your child? – SSC, CBSE or ICSE. A Guide to Help parents choose the Right Board based on their Requirements

Dec 13th, 2016

There are several state boards in India. They include SSC, CBSE, ICSE, RBSE, Up Board and others. In this article we would like to pay attention to the first three ones, discussing their advantages and disadvantages, as well as talking about the details of them.

From the very beginning, it’s worth mentioning that parents should look at the different criteria to choose the right board. There is no a single answer on which of them is the best one – it’s a little bit complicated to judge from this point of view. So, in this article, we’ll compare them from different angles. We’ll also provide you with some information, related to the subjects you will have to be strong in. That will allow you pass your exams successfully with a help of tutors in Mumbai.

So, let’s start with the CBSE schools. Usually, they follow the colorful textbooks which are well-illustrated and easier for a student. Many tutors claim that their students like reading these books, enjoy them and understand them better.

Besides, CBSE is a more popular board in India. As a result, all of the scientific events like olympiads, examinations, and scholarships are oriented on this board of the CBSE syllabus. This one is also much more flexible than its alternatives.

The ICSE board, at the same time is more an English version adapted to the Indian educational system. Its specification lies in that fact, that the students are given more information in some certain subjects. It results in a higher intensity of a study program as well. The basic principle of ICSE board lies in the belief that the amount of information absorbed by a student is equal to almost 70 percent. Increasing the amount of given information leads to a higher volume of knowledge which still remains on the 70% mark.

Another alternative board calls SSC. It’s for ‘Secondary school certificate’. Comparing it to the ISCE board, we can surely say that the depth of knowledge is bigger in ISCE case. SSC is more an internal board of India. It means that if you are going to study abroad, you should definitely choose ISCE. If you are a parent who is going to choose SSC for your child, you should understand that it’s easier and leaves more free time for a student.

From one point of view, studying harder is better – it opens more opportunities for smarter students. From another, passing exams to attend ISCE is harder. This board has strong requirements in English and Math – the most ‘practical’ subjects. As a result, hiring an English tutor and a maths tutor may be your only solution to get good grades.

Choosing SSC board will allow your child (whether you are from Navi Mumbai or elsewhere) get more free time which can be used for self-development. At the same time, some parents think that their children should not have free time in such an age.

We can’t say which board is better but the only thing is obvious is that the popularity of home tutor jobs will definitely grow with time. So, being a teacher may become more profitable in India.