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Question 1 of 16

Both the writer and his grandmother were good ___.

It was her domain and she was the queen of her ___.

In city Khushwant joined an ___ and started to go to in a motor bus.

Saheb's name means Lord of the ___.

At last, Saheb got employed in a ___

Mukesh wanted to be a ___.

Umberto Eco was a ___ with a formidable reputation.

Some claim an interview as a source of ___.

Umberto Eco has written ___ scholarly works of non-fiction.

One day on the beach, the ___ knocked the child down and swept over him.

The child was terrified but the father knew there was no ___.

But the writer was determined to conquer his ___.

In this period she was the sole unchallenged ___ of the child Khushwant.

Saheb-e-Alam was migrated from ___.

The story tells us how the writer overcame his fear of ___.

The narrator got an instructor and practised ___ a week.