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what are the two important sources of writing colonial history of india?

A new policy of' paramountacy' was invited by

The Permanent Settlement of Bengal was introduced by Lord Cornwallis in

In 1764, the Spinning Jenny was invented by

A madarsa was set up in 1781 to promote the study of Arabic, Persian and Islamic law. It was established at

The Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College was founded by

Fundamental Duties were included in the Constitution in 1976 through the

Our Constitution was adopted and enforced on

The right provided by constitution are called

In which country there has sepration between religion and state secularism?

Separation of same religion from the state in democratic societies is because of-

The Parliament can remove the President, the judges of the Supreme Court and high court. The procedure is called

The president of India holds office for a period of:-

What is the position of president in the executive?

Which of the follwing is not a poteinal energy?

Water is which type of resource?

Which of the following is the best quality if carbon?

Name the state where copper ore is found in india?

Where is terrace farming possible?

Which place in india is the home of lions?