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The radii of circular orbits of two satellites around the earthare in ratio 1 : 4, then find the ratio of their respective periods of revolution.

Which one of them is a dimensional constant?

When a tall empty jar is placed below a water tap from which water flows out slowly into the jar producing a sound note, what will happen to the pitch of the note?

On what does the internal energy of an ideal gas depend?

In what conditions does a gas behaves more closely as an ideal gas?

The rod elongated by l when a body of mass M is suspended from it. Then what will be the work done?

A boy aims with a gun on a bird from a point at horizontal distance 100m. If the gun can impart a velocity of 500 m/s to the bullet, what height above the bird must aim the gun in order to hit it?

A book is lying on a table. What is the angle between the action of the book on the table and the reaction of the table on the book ?

A block of mass m is placed on a smooth inclined plane of inclination θ with the horizontal. What magnitude will the force exerted by plane on the block have?

A man is sitting with folded hands on a revolving table. Suddenly, he stretches his arms. What would happen to the angular speed of the table?

Which of the following equations does not represent simple harmonic motion?

A rope 1 cm in diameter breaks if the tension in it exceeds 500 N. What will be the maximum tension that may be given to a similar rope of diameter 2 cm?

110 J of heat are added to a gaseous system and its internal energy increases by 40 J, then what will be the amount of work done?

A particle is moving along a circle of radius 20/π m with constant tangential acceleration. If the velocity of the particle is 80 m/s at the end of the second revolution after motion has begun, then what is the tangential acceleration?

A car is moving with a speed of 40 km/h. can be stopped by applying brakes after at least 2 metres. If the same car is moving with a speed of 80 km/h, what is the minimum stopping distance ?

The rms speed of oxygen at room temperature is about 500 m/s. Then what will be the rms speed of hydrogen at the same temperature?

The time period of mass suspended from a spring is T. If the spring is cut into four equal parts and the same mass is suspended from one of the parts, then what will be the new time period?

Two wires A and B are made of same material. The wire A has a length l and diameter r while the wire B has a length 2 l and diameter r / 2. If the two wires are stretched by the same force, then what will be the elongation in A divided by the elongation in B?

A barometer kept in an elevator reads 76 cm when it is at rest. If the elevator goes up with increasing speed, what will be its reading ?

Where can a light wave travel?