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Question 1 of 20

What is pollination by wind called?

Where is radula found?

Which of the following does not have stomata ?

Where are peroxisomes found?

Which organ gets only oxygenated blood?

What does tympanum represent ?

Which type of the tissue provide mechanical support, yet it is living ?

Which cell may be the longest in the body of an animal ?

Which of the following is made up of glucose molecule ?

What is the space between cornea and the lens called ?

What is the production of alcohol by yeast called?

Which of the following is the first branching of the bronchiole tree that has gas exchanging capabilities?

In which of the following, Kranz anatomy is found?

Which steroid is responsible for balance of water and electrolytes in our body?

In what form is magnesium absorbed ?

Where are cardiac muscles found ?

What is the primary function of large intestine?

What is the translocation of sugars from source to sink called?

Which one of the following is synthetic Auxin?

Where is Loop of Henle found?