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Find the square root of 64 divided by the cube root of 64.

If the angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio of 2 : 4 : 5 : 7, then find the measure of the angles.

Two straight lines AB and CD intersect one another at the point O.If angle AOC + angle COB + angle BOD = 274⁰. Find angle AOD.

AB and CD are two parallel lines. PQ cuts AB and CD at E and F respectively. EL is the bisector of angle FEB if angle LEB = 35⁰, then find angle AEQ.

If two acute angles of a right triangle are equal , then each acute is equal to

In a triangle, an exterior angle at a vertex is 95° and its one of the interior opposite angle is 55°, then find the measure of the other interior angle.

What do we need for constructing an equilateral triangle?

The sides of a triangular field are 325 m, 300 m and 125 m. Find its area.

The width of each of the nine classes in a frequency distribution is 2.5 and the lower class boundary of the lowest class 10.6. Find the upper class boundary of the highest class.

Find the value of [(2.3)^3 - 0.027] / [(2.3)^2 + 0.69 + 0.09]

How many planes can be made to pass through two points ?

Let ΔABC be a triangle of area 24 sq. units and ΔPQR be the triangle formed by the mid-points of sides of ΔABC, then find the area of ΔPQR

ABCD is a trapezium with parallel sides AB = a and DC = b. If E and F are mid-points of non-parallel sides AD and BC respectively, then find the ratio of areas of quadrilaterals ABFE and EFCD.

In a circle of radius 17cm, two parallel chords are drawn on opposite side of a diameter. The distance between the chords is 23 cm. if the length of one chord is 16 cm, find the length of the other chord.

If ABC is an arc of a circle and angle ABC = 135°, then find the ratio of arc PQR to the circumference.

If the height of a cylinder is doubled and radius remains the same , then what will be the volume?

A bag contains 50 coins and each coin is marked 51 to 100. One coin is picked at random. Find the probability that the number on the coin is not a prime number.

If the graph of the equation 4x + 3y = 12 cuts the coordinate axes at A and B, then find the length of the hypotenuse of the right triangle AOB.

If the measures of the angles of quadrilateral are 4x, 7x, 9x and 10x, what is the sum of the measures of the smallest angle and largest angle ?

A cube whose volume is 1/8 cm^3 is placed on top of a cube whose volume is 1cm^3. The two cubes are then placed on top a third cube whose volume is 8 cm^3. Find the height of the stacked cubes