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An object is placed at the center of curvature of a concave mirror. What will be the distance between its image and the pole?

Due to what is the human eye able to focus on objects at different distances by adjusting the focal length of the eye lens?

Which of the following is the The formula of potential difference?

Which of the following is an example of non-ohmic reistance ?

Who discovered the law of force that governs the force between two electric charges?

What is the main constituent of CNG?

Which of these are the harmful radiations emitted by the sun?

What is the imaginary line passing through the center of curvature and the pole of the mirror called?

What will happen to a ray of light when it travels in air falls obliquely on the surface of calm pond?

What type of image is formed by eye lens on the retina?

The potential energy at a point is 20 V. The work done in bringing a change of 0.5 C from infinity to this point will be

To which of the following is resistance inversely proportional to?

What is the minimum wind speed required for wind electric generators to work properly?

As the temperature of metallic resistor is increased, what will happen to the product of its resistivity and conductivity?

An Object of size 2.0 cm is placed perpendicular to the principle axis of the concave mirror. The distance of the object from mirror equals the radius of curvature. The size of image will be

Which of the following is a natural phenomenon which is caused by the dispersion of sunlight in the sky?

A negative change released from a point Amoves along the line AB. The potential at A is 15 V, and it varies uniformly along AB. The potential at B

In a circuit containing the unequal resistors connected in parallel, what will be the voltage drop across both the resistance ?

What is the maximum temperature that can be attained in a box-type solar cooker ?

A student sitting on the last bench can see letters written on the board but is unable to read the letters written in his textboook. What is he suffering from?