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Question 1 of 19

Which of the following is a displacement reaction?

What is the colour of neutral litmus solution?

Which of the following alloys is an alloy of tin?

What is duralium used for?

Which of the following is also known as marsh gas?

What is the liquid form of petroleum gas called?

Who enunciated the 'Law's of Octaves'?

Which of the following represents a double displacement reaction?

Which of the following is a redox reaction?

Which one of the following statements is correct about universal indicator?

Which of the following natural sources contains oxalic acid?

Which alloy is used for making magnets?

What property of carbon allows to form a large number of carbon compounds ?

Which of the following is the most reactive halogen?

A student tests a sample drinking water and reports its pH value as 6 at room temperature. Which one of the following might have been added in water?

Which of the following oxides can be reduced with the carbon to obtain the metals?

What does ethanol on oxidation give?

Which pair of elements of the following sets is likely to have similar chemical behaviour?

Which of the elements Li, Na, Mg and Al has the lowest ionization potential?