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Question 1 of 20

What are Eka-aluminium and Eka-silicon known as?

Which one of the following pairs of species have the same bond order ?

Due to which property of helium, it is used in balloons in place of hydrogen gas?

What is the unit of luminous intensity?

On which of the following, the time taken for complete evaporation doesn't depend on?

What is the colour of orthoboric acid?

What does metamerism belong to?

If an endothermic reaction occurs spontaneously at constant T and P, then which of the following is correct ?

If the frequency of a light wave is 3000kHz, find its wavelength

Which of the following are some characteristics of system at equilibrium ?

Which of the following are aromatic compounds?

Incomplete combustion of which of the following yields carbon monoxide?

Which of the following is a set of reducing agents ?

Which of the following is used as moderator in nuclear reactor ?

Non benzenoid compounds fall under which of these classifications?

What is gammaxane known as?

Maturation of which of the following does lead interfere with?

Excess of KI reacts with  CuSO4 solution and Na2S2O3 solution is added to it. Which of the statement is false for the reaction ?

Which of the following contains both polar and non-polar bonds ?

Which of the following will exists in polymeric form ?