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10 Tips to Motivate Kids during Exam preparation

Feb 9th, 2016



Exams are stressful for kids, irrespective of whether they are appearing for their semester or board exams. We know this because we’ve all been through it at some point but came out with shining colours. If your kids are going through the same rigors of exams now, you are the right person to guide them. With that experience of yours and the below-mentioned tips, you can successfully motivate your kids during exams.


1) Plan a study routine

Make sure your kid has a study routine or timetable in place. If he/she hasn’t made one yet, now is the time to do so and see that it is being followed. Sit together and dedicate equal time to every subject, assign extra time to subjects that your child finds difficult. Don’t forget to keep some time aside for solving previous year question paper.


2) Maintain balance

While your child is busy studying day and night solving sample question paper in and out, it is also important for them to socialize. Don’t cut them off completely from family and friends, this will only cause their stress levels to rise up.


3) Eat healthy

Keep a watch on your child’s eating habits, sometimes stress can lead to binge eating. Offer healthy snacks and fruits every few hours, they are good for the brain and keep blood sugar levels in control. Cut down on their caffeine intake instead, keep a bottle filled with water on their table.


4) Enough sleep

One of the biggest problems most parents overlook is sleep deprivation. A sleep deprived body can never function normally, therefore, it’s important to allow your child to get enough sleep.


5) Relaxation

A 10-minute walk can work wonders for your child. Allow him/her to try different forms of relaxation, Yoga, playing with the pet, popping bubble wrap, etc. are effective stress relievers. Accompany your child in doing this, it will cut down your own stress levels.


6) Keep away from distractions

Sometimes parents unknowingly cause distractions for their kids. Although it’s important to keep things normal around the house, engaging in fun activities while the child is busy studying can cause distraction.


7) Technology in moderation

Cutting your child off completely from technology in this highly connected world will only make them sad. Instead, allow them to use their phones for some time during the day. Let them install the Genext Students app which not just provides notes and solutions but also sample papers for every subject.


8) Music

Listening to music for some time can elevate your mood and encourage effective and prolonged studying. Classical music is said to be the best in boosting brain power.


9) Stay positive

Engage in positive talks with your child and even with other family members. Sometimes more than exam stress, the pressure from family causes adverse effects on the students. Don’t compare your child’s previous scores with that of their peers, this will discourage them from studying.


10) Provide support before and after exams

As a parent your role doesn’t end with exams, watch for signs of stress which can come at any time till the results are out. Assure them that they’ve worked hard and no matter what you are always there for them. is a Smart Tutoring Platform for CBSE, ICSE & other state board students with a combination of online, mobile and physical tutoring to assist them in enhancing their knowledge and thus improving their performance. have young, enthusiastic, well-experienced tutor with them. They have selected tutor who is good with the subject matter, disciplined and helpful for students. They have the highly trained professional who will give their best attempt at the success of the students. tutor will work according to the student’s ability, skill, and learning style.