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5 Tips to concentrate on studies during World T20

Mar 8th, 2016


Every two years students appearing for their board exams are caught in a dilemma, whether to focus all their attention on studies or catch bits of World T20. And this year is no different. It goes without saying that studies are most important but it becomes difficult to focus during such a situation, especially if you belong to the huge cricket loving population of India. We have a few tips to put an end to this dilemma and help you concentrate on your exams.


1)  Avoid group studies

This is not a good time for group studies, if you have a doubt ask your teacher or get solutions online. With the World T20 on, it’s best to study alone in your room rather than with friends. This is because even if one of your friends mentions it unintentionally the rest will automatically lose focus.


2)  Select a place where you cannot be disturbed

Parents usually avoid watching TV during their kids’ exams. But the rest of the world is still watching it and won’t stop from expressing their joy. Whether you’re revising or solving sample question papers, it’s very important to find a place where you cannot be disturbed. If you have noisy neighbours let them know you’re studying or look for an alternative place.


3)  Turn off your phone and put it away

Constant notifications on your phone will only deviate your attention from what you’re doing. Keeping it on silent mode is not a solution. Whether World T20 or not your phone should always be turned off and kept away from you while studying. You can check it during breaks.


4)   Schedule study breaks

Catch up on the match scores during these study breaks but only if you can stick to the schedule. If you know you will get glued to the television screen, it’s best to stay away from it completely. Use these breaks to exercise, take a walk, talk to your parents or play with your pet.


5)   Gather your study materials before you begin

Gather all your study material before you start studying, whether it’s notes, solutions, stationery or sample papers. If you come looking for your stuff while you’re studying chances are that you might end up giving into your curiosity of knowing the score.

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