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6 Tips for Parents to help kids during exam preparation

Mar 17th, 2016

It is only natural to feel anxious when your kids are taking examinations. The responsibility of children performing well in their exams partially lies with you. As parents, you have a lot to offer to your children when they are taking exams. Here are a few ways that you can help your child do well.


Be the responsible adult

In the midst of all the preparation and revisions, kids may miss out on packing their stationery and required documents properly. It is also easy for kids to lose a track of time and end up being late for their exam. Step in and crosscheck all that your kid has packed just before they step out. If possible, drop your kid yourself to the exam venue or ensure that they get there well in time.


Feed them right

Exams are stressful for kids and as a result, kids become easily irritable. Children, forgo meals or end up eating things which are not good for them. As a parent, you have to ensure that during their exams they are well fed. Prepare things that your kid likes to eat and can eat easily. A protein rich diet is perfect for this period. Include lots of liquids to keep them hydrated and alert.


Encourage them to take breaks

Kids invariably compromise on their sleep during exams and this takes a toll on their health. Ensure that your kid is well rested throughout. Encourage them to take breaks and rest. Take them out for a walk or let them spend some time with your pet. A drive to get some ice cream is also a fun idea. Power naps work wonders as well. Whatever you do, do not coerce your kid to do something they are not comfortable with.


Make study material accessible

Most parents think that it is apt to disconnect their internet connection while their kids are undertaking exams. Avoid doing this. Instead encourage your children to prepare for their exams using online study material. Genext Students has various helpful mock tests, revision guides and notes that children can use during their exams.


Be a pillar of strength

Some children and even parents have the habit of tallying the study materials for exam with the question paper to see how accurately they solved the paper. As a parent you should be reassuring. Ask your child to prepare for the next exam rather than brooding over past mistakes. Even if your child gets discouraged by mistakes, motivate them to do better for the remaining exams.


Create an exam friendly environment

Kids are prone to all kinds of distractions during their exams. Instead of scolding them to concentrate, why not create an environment that will help them do so. Small things such as not watching the television when your kid is studying, discouraging guests to come over, etc. will help your kid prepare better. Also, if you have elder kids in the family, ask them to behave in a way that is conducive to the kid taking the exams.


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