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Advantages of a private tutor

Jul 13th, 2016

Private tutoring system is thriving on the falling standards of the quality of teaching in the schools. The difference between the result of the classroom learning in school and one-to-one personalized home tuitions is drastic. Every student has a different learning curve so nothing can replace private home tutoring to bring out the best of the students’ abilities enabling them to always perform better.

Due to which, many parents consider the extra money spent on private tuition is, actually, not an additional cost, but rather a long-term, rewarding investment which comes to a bear fruit. Day by day, the school curriculum is getting difficult for the students. The complexity level and the vastness of the syllabus is growing. The resources available to the students, are often limited and sometimes even restrictive and on the other hand, the exam pattern is becoming complex and the expectations from the students to perform better and score good marks is increasing. The classrooms are overcrowded and the teachers are overworked, this diminishes the ability of the teacher to provide quality service. That means that their qualitative, one-on-one attention to each child is practically non-existent. Private tutoring is the only solution to such rising problems.

A private tutor not only provides remedial teaching whenever required, but also encourages the student by appreciating his/her hard work and commendable results, this boosts the confidence among the students and inculcates more interest in the subjects. Bidirectional communication between the tutor and the student makes the session more interesting and brings inquisitiveness to learn among the students.

When the student fails to perform better, the tutor’s encouraging comments brings about positivity and interest to perform better the next time. The private tutor’s role is just not imparting subjective knowledge but also be vigilant towards the progress of the student. The tutor constantly monitors the performance of the student, identifies areas of improvement, provide remedial teaching, communicates effectively to make the student express his/her difficulties, resolves difficulties, drill the concepts well which the student finds difficult to understand, conduct regular tests, provide constructive feedback and constantly encourages the student to perform better.

Under the guidance of a good private home tutor, the academic progress graph of the student always reflects an upward trend. When the student develops a good personal rapport with the tutor, he/she feels free to ask queries and gets them resolved immediately. The academic outcome of such a student’s performance is massively better than the performance of the student who is deprived of a good tutor’s service.

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