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Differentiate yourself with Genext Students’ Benchmark Test

Mar 15th, 2017


take benchmaar test 4


Benchmark Test is a module available in the student’s app, which measures the current preparation level of the student, his/her comparative standing and a detailed report about their strong and weak areas. Tutors like you can gain insights about the student’s preparedness and can mold their teaching to best suit the child’s needs.


We are ecstatic to inform you that Benchmark Test is now available to YOU! Kindly update your app here and try the Dummy Test (Dashboard > Demo > Dummy Test) to experience it for yourself!


infographicOther classes & boards coming soon.


We feel it would give the best results when taken without preparation at the start of the very first interaction – the Demo Class. The child can play on your smartphone device itself (It uses less than 500KB of Internet Data). The result report is immediately visible after the test for you can show it to the parents and discuss the study plan & needs of the child. It is also emailed to the parent’s email id. A sample report is shown after the dummy test.


Use this tool to your advantage by impressing the parents and helping them understand the availability & benefits of such wide variety of tools that YOU (A Genext Tutor) will bring to the table for enhancing their child’s academic progress – thereby increasing the chances of being hired. Getting the child to take the test during the demo is mandatory and linked to the payment of the Demo fees.


The below GIF image demonstrates the steps involved in starting the demo class & taking the benchmark test.


Benchmark Test GIF


You can also reach us in case you need more assistance.

Genext Students Team

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