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Build your Confidence – Rank will follow – A Genext Students’ Success Story

Jun 20th, 2018

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We at Genext Students believe that every student is unique and needs to be encouraged to pursue whatever s/he wants to. We urges parents to motivate their child to be better than what they were yesterday and not to just run behind highest marks and top ranks. You just have to be better than yourself.

We are proud of our student Shruti Karadekar and her personal tutor Mr. Mahesh L. They together proved that life is not all about being best, what matters the most is “Constant Growth”.

They also made us realize that a right match of tutor and a student can do wonders and make impossible possible. Our student Shruti was a slow learner and dropped out of Maharashtra State Board SSC exam last year as she failed 4 subjects. Math became the scariest part of her education – it was like a nightmare to her. She scored just 20 marks out of 100 and thought of giving up.

Her parents were worried about her and wanted her to regain the confidence she once had and what every student of her age should have. They started searching for a personal tutor who can understand her learning needs and teach her in a way that not only makes her understand the subjects but also start loving the subject as well. Genext Student got picked up the mettle and started searching for the right tutor who can understand her requirements and make a measurable difference. We allotted them our best Maths Tutor Mr. Mahesh L. After taking her Benchmark Test he realized that she needed extra efforts and that was the challenge Mahesh was looking for as a teacher as well.

For 1 week he just tried to know the reasons that why she was lacking behind and there he got to know that her basics were not clear. Many students face this issue as when they take tuition in batches with multiple kids, it is impossible for teachers there to concentrate on each and every student to ensure that no one stays behind.

 “Everyone cannot run at the same speed”. Some people learn slowly and some understand concepts quickly. As Shruti was a slow learner it was getting hard for her to compete with the learning speeds of other students which made her slowly lose confidence.

To overcome this challenge, Shruti and Mahesh sir decided to come up with some new learning trick and they started revising each topic on a daily basis along with adding one new topic every time. Shruti started responding well to it. Not only did she start solving past year’s question papers on her own, she also gained that lost confidence back.

This year she finally proved that a little personal attention and meeting someone who believes in you can help you cross all the barriers of your life. For her, being a topper was never a target. She just wanted to be better than herself and she did. Shruti cleared all her Subjects this year along with mathematics where scored 65% and was ecstatic with her achievement with Genext Students.

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