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CBSE Syllabus for class IX 2014-2015

Sep 22nd, 2014

Standard IX is the class that decides the preparedness of the student to face the next board class. All basic concepts of each subject have to be fully clear and understood by the student here, as only then can he find studying easier in all his future course of learning. Hence, Class IX is crucial for the all round cognitive and intellectual development of the student.

The CBSE syllabus for Class IX should be presented to the students before the start of the school as it gives them an idea about the contents of their learning course for the following year.  The curriculum for this class includes five subjects which are an in-depth and complex study of all that was learnt in the earlier classes. The five main subjects contained in the curriculum are Social Science, Science, Mathematics, English Communicative, English Language and Literature and Hindi.

Following is the list of broad topics included under each subject.

  • Social Science: India and the Contemporary World I, India-Land & the People, Democratic Politics- I, Understanding Economic Development I and Disaster Management. Each of these topics will have several sub-topics under them. Summative assessment will be done based on the theory paper whereas formative assessment will include assignments, projects, activities and class tests.

  • Science: Matter- Its Nature & Behavior, Organization in Living World, Motion; Force & Work, Food; Food Production, Our Environment.  

  • Mathematics: Number System, Algebra, Geometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Mensuration, Probability, Statistics. The topics will be divided between the two terms which will include both, formative and summative assessment.

  • English Communicative: Reading, Writing & Grammar, Literature Textbook, ASL (Speaking & Listening).

  • English Language & Literature:  Reading skills, Writing Skills with Grammar, Literature Textbooks & Long Reading Text, Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL).

  • Hindi: Reading, Writing Skills with Grammar, Literature Textbooks & Long Reading Text, Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL)

In today’s age and times, all the textbooks can be downloaded online and physical existence of the textbooks is no longer very crucial. It is possible to study from the CBSE books online and obtain certain advantages. Main benefit is that the costs of buying physical books can be avoided as the download is free of charge. The student can easily switch from one part of information to the other without turning pages or using several textbooks at a time. Class IX books are very bulky and if you study online the handling of books is avoided.