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Characteristics of a good private tutor

Oct 17th, 2018

A great tutor has a great significance in a student’s life as he is the one that changes the life of the child and makes him capable of surviving and achieving success in this competitive world. Some students have the capability to study and understand the whole syllabus by themselves, while some need anyone to make them study and explain each and every concept. Therefore, they need someone that could help them reach good grades.


With the advent of technology now we can sit at home and search for top tutors around us. You just have to search home tuitions in Pune, or Private tuitions in Pune or any other place and can compare their reviews and ratings.

Here are certain characteristics of a good private tutor:


  • Adaptable: Every student is different and has different needs. Some require extra care and motivation, while some just need anyone to make them understand the concept.


  • Enthusiastic: A tutor should be passionate about his work of teaching and should pay more attention towards the human interaction.


  • Interpersonal relationship: Every student consider their teachers as their idols and want to understand everything just like their tutor. Therefore, it is important to spare some time and perform certain fun activities in order to improve the personal relationship and make the students completely attentive in the class.


  • Punctuality: Time is one of the most resources for every human beings and every tutor wants their students to be on time for class. But the rule goes for the tutor also. As mentioned earlier, students idolized their tutor and therefore, it is important to set a good example for them.


  • Open to suggestions: No one is completely perfect, therefore, it is important to improve through mistakes. A tutor should acquire feedback from his students about his terminology and teaching method and if there are certain problems related to it, he should work on them.


These are certain characteristics that should be present in order to be a good tutor. Most of the ratings provided by the student on the web are based on the above characteristics only. Therefore, if a tutor wants to see his name on the top of the search list of best home tutor in Pune, or private tutor in Pune, he should work on these traits.