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Genext Tutor Training Workshop Mumbai

Dec 22nd, 2017

Genext Tutor Workshop Blog Inside

Genext Students was started on the philosophy of creating a learning ecosystem which can empower & impact the lives of not just the students, by also their parents and more importantly, the tutors. We aim at providing all the necessary support to the tutors so that they can concentrate on the things that matter the most – Teaching. In order to create this ecosystem which can stay relevant to the changing times and learning needs, technology has become a base on which people across the country, if not the world, can be empowered at a faster rate.


With this philosophy, Genext Students regularly organizes workshops for parents, students as well as tutors in order to help them ensure the learning needs of the child are met and enable them to grow. One such skills development workshop for tutors was recently organized on 09th December 2017 at Andheri (East), Mumbai & on 16th December 2017 at Thane (West). The workshop was felicitated by an experienced teacher trainer – Ms. Maya Divakar.


Ms. Maya has over 20 years of experience in the education industry and was one of the first teachers at TutorVista as well as XSEED where she trained numerous aspirants who were interested in teaching. She has extensive knowledge & understanding of all boards including international boards and has herself taught across various schools and one of which was Avalon Heights International School where she served as the Vice Principal.

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This workshops specifically focused on helping tutors learn strategies to improve/enhance their skills and aid in personal development that can enable them to assist a variety of our students in achieving the educational goals they have set for themselves. In order to achieve this, there were few important points which were discussed & explained by our Ms. Maya Divakar.

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The event started with interactive tasks moderated by the Facilitator. The learning for each tasks were then connected with the real life situations and action points were discussed which help the tutors improve themselves. Tutors were fully engaged with multiple task throughout the workshop in order to get best out of them. Along with active participation, the tutors also learnt that how a brain teaser helps to enhance concentration, logical reasoning and thinking skills. Such activities are useful for the students too and were encouraged to use them during their tutoring assignments. Focusing on one of the core objectives, the event was taken ahead with an active discussion on teacher’s personality traits such as being Punctual, creating First Impression & Effective Communication.

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Tutors were very happy with the session and felt that it will drastically help them improve their skills during demo as well as regular tutoring classes. They were also very impressed with the new features updated in the Genext Tutor App which helps them not just to monitor child’s progress but also raise any concerns that they may have directly from the app for faster resolution.

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Overall, all the tutors felt the workshop was immensely beneficial and requested to keep conducting such workshops in the future. We plan to now conduct these in other cities very soon.


If you are interested in teaching and want to improve your skills, join us by registering as a Genext Tutor via our mobile app. Download the app from here.