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Genext Tutorpreneurs Awards 2017

Sep 9th, 2017

Awards inside

Teacher and God both are here, to whom should I first bestow! All glory be unto the Teacher, path to God who did bestow!!

These are the famous words of the renowned 15th Century Indian poet and saint, Kabir. These aptly highlight the glorious position of teachers in our society. For, it is our teachers who guide us towards the path of knowledge and righteousness. Teachers have held a very important position in human lives since time immemorial and continue to do so – even in today’s era of rapid technology advancement. We, at Genext Students, strongly believe in the importance of a teacher’s role in a student’s life. Our platform is geared towards empowering passionate individuals to take up teaching as a career, thereby helping them become a TUTORPRENEUR.

These Tutorpreneurs come from various walks of life. They can be housewives, working professionals, existing teachers, students, retired personnel or even differently abled individuals. But, they have one thing in common – a desire to impact lives using the power of education. Every year, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we recognize and reward these highly talented individuals who have not only made an indelible mark in the lives of their students but also the society at large.

This year, the annual Genext Tutorpreneur Awards function was held on Saturday, 9th September 2017 at VITS International Hotel in Andheri, Mumbai. More than 60 Tutorpreneurs attended this event which was also attended by the top management of Genext Students. Along with awarding the top achievers, this event provided an exceptional platform to the attending Tutorpreneurs to meet in-person with Genext team and share their feedback. The award function was followed by lunch and the overall event was highly appreciated by all the attendees.

Below is the list of award categories and their winners:

  1. Best First Impression – Mr. Mihir Dharap
  2. Most Effective Tutorpreneur – Ms. Nishrin Fakhruddin Tarwadi
  3. Most Diligent Award – Mr. Suraj Fulwariya
  4. Genext Superstar – Mr. Subin Mathews
  5. Pinnacle Award – Ms. Preeti Gawas
  6. Fabulous Feedback Award – Mr. Manoj Asher
  7. Helping Hand Award – Ms. Uma & Mr. Arun Prajapati
  8. Most Inspiring Tutorpreneur – Mr. Samir Vakilna
  9. Students Choice Award – Ms. Munira
  10. Most Devoted Award – Mr. Easwar Srinivasan
  11. Tutorpreneur of the Year – Mr. Riyaz Hatim Millwala

Here’s wishing all the winners heartiest congratulations and wishing all the Genext Tutorpreneurs all the best in their teaching endeavours.

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