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How our Home Tutors made a difference in their student’s life

Sep 12th, 2016


As part of the Tutor Blog Series, we asked our tutors to share a snippet on How they made a difference in any of their student’s life. We received a lot of responses from our home tutors and have shared a few of them in this blog post.

Regardless of weather you are a home tutor, a student or a parent, reading their experience will definitely be very helpful and one can learn a lot from this shared knowledge. A good teacher is the best guide anyone can have, especially to a child as childhood is when we learn a lot and build our foundation. It defines the kind of person we will eventually become. We are grateful to have such experienced and qualified home tutors associated with us who believe not just in teaching, but also in developing the overall personality of the child. Here are a few of the snippets:

  • I tried teaching my students very practically. I try to explain the real life usage / application of the concepts or theories that they are learning.
  • I take tests and when I am explaining I will give more and more examples to simplify the concepts and make them understand and remember faster.
  • I started concentrating on clearing concepts…it makes a very big difference in the way students study and understand….i teach them how to study smartly…
  • I always use my personal experience to motivate my students. When I was a student, I was a failure and found it difficult to clear my exams, but I had the will power and confidence in me that I can do better. I dedicated extra hours to know about my weak points and sought help to learn and overcome them. Finally at the end of the year I stood at second position in sy bsc in my college. Hence, I always tell my students to be self motivated & never give up.
  • By responding to questions asked by the students in detail rather than just providing an answer. I encourage them to think and try to find a solution by themselves.

We are always happy to associate with more tutors like these. If you are one of them, please register with us here. Let’s work together towards making the world a better & smarter place for our children.