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How to Create the Perfect Study Environment for Your Kids

Feb 23rd, 2016


Kids may spend most of their time in school and classes, but home is where they will practice, learn and understand each concept. It has been noticed that each kid has their own study area in the house, this can be their bedroom, balcony or even terrace. And then there are some Christopher Columbus’s who keep wandering from one place to another until they discover their America. No matter where your child decides to study, as a parent, it’s important that you equip this area in a way that allows maximum focus.


You need to take care of a lot of things while creating the perfect study environment, here are some important ones.


1) Proper Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in concentration and focus. No matter what time of the day it is, there should be even light around the room. Few light sources will create shadows and make the room look gloomy, this can make your child feel sleepy. On the other hand it shouldn’t be too bright as that will cause irritation too.


2) Remove distractions

Don’t let distractions sabotage your kid’s efforts. Remove all sorts of distractions from the room, whether it’s a flickering light or gadgets. Though it’s important to go and check on your child every few hours, make sure you don’t interrupt during revision or when they’re solving sample question papers.


3) Keep it clean and organized

Clutter and dirt can cause more destruction than you think and may even affect their health. Whenever your child takes a break or goes for a walk, remove all the dirty plates and other unnecessary items from the room. This will allow them to resume studies as soon as they’re back.


4) Go unplugged

Going unplugged is not practically possible, but you can minimize the use of electronics during exams. Simple acts like keeping the volume low while watching TV in the other room can make a lot of difference. Most parents don’t let their kids use their phones or the internet while studying while this is a good way to minimize distraction, using it for the right purpose can also prove to be helpful, such as to download notes or previous year’s question papers.


5) Pay attention to ergonomics

Last but not the least, don’t ignore the ergonomics of the furniture in the room. A comfortable chair, table of the right height and color, temperature, etc. are equally important. Apart from that, make sure they have all the required stationery and study material. Visit for detailed notes of every subject. is a Smart Tutoring Platform for CBSE, ICSE & other state board students with a combination of online, mobile and physical tutoring to assist them in enhancing their knowledge and thus improving their performance. have young, enthusiastic, well-experienced tutor with them. They have selected tutor who is good with the subject matter, disciplined and helpful for students. They have the highly trained professional who will give their best attempt at the success of the students. tutor will work according to the student’s ability, skill, and learning style.