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Maximize Your Potential – An Interactive Workshop for Home & Private Tutors

Jan 2nd, 2017

With a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, Genext Students organized an interactive workshop for home & private tutors – ‘Maximizing Your Potential’ on 17th December 2016 at Courtyard, Marriot, Andheri (East).  Genext Students team at the workshop consisted of – Mr. Ali Asgar Kagzi (Co-Founder), Mr. Asad Daud (Co-Founder), Mr. Piyush Dhanuka (Product Head), Ms. Nishita Patel (Academic Head) and Mr. Abhijeet Sathapathy (Operations Head).


Genext Students is India’s first hybrid tutoring platform which connects parents with the best home tutors for their children. Here, private tutoring is enhanced with the best of technology. The mobile app with its technological features is made available to the tutors and the parents. The company caters to all boards including ICSE, CBSE, and SSC (Maharashtra).




The workshop encompassed not only the idea of providing the company information and its functioning but also to impart good class management techniques. The workshop, rightly titled as ‘Maximizing Your Potential’, had a clear meaning for the tutors that each one of them has a deep hidden potential which should be used at its optimum level. It helped them in finding ways in which they can achieve this.


The event started with a brain teaser activity. Along with active participation, the tutors also learnt that a brain teaser helps to enhance concentration, logical reasoning and thinking skills. Such activities are useful for the students too and were encouraged to use them during their tutoring assignments.


Workshop-Teaser01          Workshop-Teaser02


Workshop-Teaser03          Workshop-Teaser04 


The teachers, along with the Genext Students team, actively discussed the difference between traditional and modern education and how technology in education is a boon to the tutors and the students. They enthusiastically expressed their views on their experience with Genext Students as well as different ed-tech companies.


Each & every tutor agreed that technology has been a boon in the educational space. As Edgar Dale, had rightly mentioned,

“Humans tend to retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 50 % of what they see and hear”

Since technology provides an audio-visual aid, a student can retain concepts better.


Mr. Ali Kagzi, demonstrated every technological feature of the app and the overall product functioning in details and invited feedback on the same. The audience was impressed with design & features of the tutor app and agreed that even a lesser tech-savvy tutor can use the app easily.


Workshop-Us01          Workshop-Us02


Workshop-Us03         Workshop-Us04


The audience happily expressed that in today’s age where there are so many people who have taken up home tutoring as a primary or secondary source of income, just like people from different professions, housewives, wives whose husbands are pursuing transferable jobs etc., a company like Genext Students has made them easily discoverable.


Further, the value-added benefits of working with Genext Students, like – providing convenience by working in the locality of their choice, easy to use tech tools and full-fledged digital reference material were also highlighted. Genext team informed the tutors, that they would also conduct regular skill enhancement teacher training workshops.


Focusing on one of the core objectives, the event was taken ahead with an active discussion on teacher’s personality traits such as being well dressed, good communication skills, strong subject knowledge and so on. As an extension activity, a personality adjective game was conducted, in which each tutor participated enthusiastically.


The event continued with an activity in which four pictures were displayed on the screen, each one of them depicting different class scenario with a tutor and students. One showed a chaotic situation in class with a careless and irresponsible teacher, another showed a teacher giving corporal punishment to a student, the third one should a decent class scenario in which the teacher was teaching well with attentive students and the fourth was a tech enabled class in which the tutor was teaching with the help of a projector and students learning enthusiastically.


Workshop-quality01         Workshop-quality02


Workshop-quality03         Workshop-quality04


On discussing each scenario in the group activity, about the teacher’s and students’ attitude/behavior and steps to be taken by the teacher to fix the problems, each group of tutors actively answered turn by turn. They came up with every possible solution to fix the problem, the exercise gave an in-depth analysis of the teacher’s attitude and behavior traits and what went wrong in each scenario. Finally, the entire discussion was concluded with points on good class management techniques.


The audience was extremely happy with the exercise and they realized that in many situations, the teachers go wrong which leads to students’ misbehavior and lack of interest in studies. Self-invigilation can help the tutors find their areas of improvement.


The audience gave a great response to the announcement of the launch of “G-Club” – with numerous benefits like cash-back schemes and value-added services such as an insurance cover, year-end tax preparation, personal loans and other strategic partnerships. The event ended with prize distribution to the tutors who won the games.


 Workshop-prizes01         Workshop-prizes02


Workshop-prizes03         Workshop-prizes04


Workshop-prizes05         Workshop-prizes06


Workshop-prizes08        Workshop-prizes07


Inculcating the right spirit of enthusiasm, commitment and dedication into the tutors towards the teaching profession is the major success parameter of any event. Hence, the success of the event was prominently visible through the enthusiastic response of the audience.


If you are a tutor and want to be a part of this revolution, come join us for free by registering through our website or android mobile app.


Workshop-tutors01         Workshop-tutors02