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Technology is changing the way we learn. Are you keeping pace?

Nov 8th, 2016

Technology is changing the way we learn & Parents & Students, along with Private Home Tutors are making the most of these online learning tools for tuitions.


In an infographic published by Educause, 54% of students say they are more actively involved in courses that use technology.


 Educause Survery Infographic


Technology has transformed the teaching and learning process

Today we are not only using technology more, but also effectively. Students like to engage in an environment where tablets, computers, and other devices can be used to teach. Educational institutions, experts, teachers and tutors are responding by toying with techniques to find creative and constructive ways to integrate technology in learning processes for impactful outcomes.


In the Pew survey, done in conjunction with the College Board and the National Writing Project, 75% of 2,462 teachers surveyed said that the Internet and search engines had a “positive” impact on student research skills, making them self-sufficient researchers.


Teachers deliver more with technology

Teachers are exploring opportunities offered by technology to improve the quality of classroom instruction. Actual classroom scenarios reflecting curricular concepts makes learning come alive for the students, making them grasp them better. For instance, a traditional lecture can be enlivened by using a PowerPoint presentation that incorporates photographs, diagrams, sound effects, music, or video clips.


Pioneer in Hybrid Tutoring


With technology, classrooms are transforming into interactive learning hubs based on concepts beyond textbook learning. In such classes, students can access a treasure of knowledge and discover concepts on their own.


Extending to home environments

When the child comes back home, the ed-tech trend percolates to parents as well. With the advent of user-friendly technology, parents can use it for several purposes – including finding specific home tutors in their vicinity. All they need to do is download a user-friendly app that gives them access to credible and experienced private tutors – as provided by a user-friendly app like Genext Students.


Private tutoring is facing great demand not just in India, but in countries across the world as well. It is estimated that the global tutoring market would surpass $102.8 billion by 2018. Hence it is important that parents find a credible and friendly platform that combines tutors with technology. They want to depend on a convenient app service powered by a broad range of self-driven tutors, who are committed to extract best performance from their students.


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5 reasons why parents search for Private Tutors on an App:


  1. Favourable demographics: Indian parents realise that hiring the right private home tutor can determine their child’s academic and professional success. The growing affordability of internet has empowered parents to reach out to tutors in their vicinity with ease.
  2. Hunger for more: Unlike the limiting school environment, private tutoring offers students the opportunity to learn in a setting that is highly personalised, secure and innovative. Students learn in a way that they understand better.
  3. Credible tutors: Many Edu-Tech platforms like Genext Students utilize artificial intelligence to match the parent’s requirements with the profiles of the tutors and helps them connect with each other.
  4. Convenience for all:  Apps like Genext Students employ technology tools & apps that keep parents updated on their children’s performance and progress on the go.
  5. Insights for improvement: Modern day apps also help tutors gain insights on how to mould their teaching methodology to suit each individual student’s caliber. It is a win-win for all!


Today, students are racing ahead from the chalk-talk approach of traditional schooling and embracing a novel trend of teaching and learning. They are on-the-ball, have a global perspective, adaptable and open-minded. Education is about cultivating analytical, creative and problem solving skills that can turn students into lifelong learners.


As schools catch up with changing trends, parents are staying abreast by maximizing technology to choose best private tutors for their children, with incredible ease and convenience. Genext Students is driving the change! Join us here.