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This Republic day let’s honor Abdul Malik-The Super Teacher!

Jan 23rd, 2016

Abdul Malik the teacher who swims through a river every day to teach to his students.

A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches the heart.


How is he different from other teachersacross the globe? Comfortably, for one his dedication towards teaching and his students cannot be compared to others, meet the 42 years old teacher A T Abdul Malik from Malappuram district of Kerala, in Southern Part of India. He lives in a small village and teaches in a Primary School in Malappuram. Every day to reach his school on time Mr. Malik gets down into the river and swims across, he chooses to swim across the river. As traveling from his house to the school by road would mean a three hour journey by bus, then he takes to wade through neck-deep muddy river water with a rubber tube about his neck, his records, his lunch box, and a pair of footwear and a pair of dry clothes in a suitcase which is slung around his shoulder is all that he demands to reach his students on time, and it’s surprising that he has performed this procedure for the past 20 years now as a teacher.


His Daily Routine is different


He calls for a swim from one section of the river and after 15 minutes he is along the banks of the river on the other terminal, quickly draws in a couple of dry clothes that he bore in his bag, and then another 10 minutes trek uphill before he arrives at his school. But ask his students or so Mr. Malik their Math teacher, they all cannot stop praising him for his teachings and he always assures that pupils discover the pragmatic mode of learning theories rather that the regular bookish way, the students frequently pass for a swimming class along with Mr. Malik, who instructs them to protect and prevent contamination. He motivates them to look around the river and see the floating garbage and even gets into the water with the students to clean up the river bit by bit every week.


Mr.Malik is a True teacher who has dedicated his life to make his students life’s better.

He says’ I hail from a place where I have to wait for about an hour to catch a bus to my school. During my early days, I found it very difficult to be punctual at school because of the unavailability of buses, we have buses but if I take a bus to the school now. It takes about one and half hours to cover the 12 Kilometers, but if I swim it is easier and faster as I can be punctual at school”.

Then one must be wondering what would be the plight of his students during rainy season. For that Mr.Malik says “During Rainy season, the river might overflow at that time I take the bus, which is around 5 times in all these years”.



What motivates him?

Mr.Malik Says’ the love and concern my students have for me motivates me all the time, the best part of teaching is you get lots of love and appreciation from your students”. What encourages him is the fact that few years ago students would not come to teachers and open up about any issues but now he/she discuss their issues and question their teacher and seek guidance.

He will continue as long as he can to swim along to reach his school and students. And we salute his dedication and disciple.


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