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Tips to Plan a CBSE Student’s Academic Year

Apr 28th, 2016


Entering a new academic year is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. While it makes you proud to have climbed another step on your ladder to success, the increased workload and complexity of subjects is also a bit frightening, isn’t it? Not when you have the whole year planned for you. If you’re a CBSE student don’t wait for your school to resume, simply find the right CBSE syllabus and follow our tips below to ace your exams this year. 


Prepare an annual calendar



Most schools and boards follow the same trend each year when it comes to exam dates. School handbook also mentions the names of the chapter that will be covered in each semester. Take advantage of this and make your own CBSE board annual calendar which will help you in preparing for CBSE exams ahead of time. However, make sure you’re in sync with what is being taught in class and don’t surpass it.


Collect relevant study materials



Your class teacher will obviously provide you with study materials when the school resumes, however, you can brush up on various concepts with the help of online CBSE study material. Or after a topic is taught in school you can go home and refer our online study material for better understanding.


Seek help



Whether it’s a concept or a subject that you find difficult, GenextStudents has the solution for all your problems. Use our tutor search option to find the best CBSE home tutors in your area. Our wide range of home tutors listed on the website will help you find the right tutor in no time. 


Consider vacations and extra-curricular activities



“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” Remember academics and extra-curricular activities should always go hand in hand. While studies are important so is your childhood, don’t stress over studies all the time. Plan your annual calendar in such a way that it includes everything, your play time, leisure time, family vacations, picnics and your hobbies. 


Take regular tests



Studying continuously makes no sense if you don’t take tests to determine where you stand. Solve CBSE sample papers from time to time to get a clearer idea of what you need to focus on more. Our website is equipped with CBSE sample papers with answers so that none of your doubts remained unanswered.


With GenextStudents, CBSE students can easily access online Study material with so much ease. Our study material is designed as per the CBSE board and is updated according to the NCERT solutions. The Student dashboard allows students to solve questions from every subject. Our Test papers keep students prepared for every test in school, big or small. Students don’t have to look for a computer or laptop anymore to gain access to our study material, the GenextStudents mobile app has brought everything at your fingertips. It can be used while travelling, in a garden, in the library, at friend’s home or anywhere else.