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Top 7 tips to select a home tutor for your kids.

Apr 9th, 2016

Top 7 tips to select a home tutor


A tutor can help in improving your child’s academic standing, improve his confidence and retain his focus. But this will only be possible if you can find the tutor that can fit your child’s temperament and learning style. Especially private tutor are the most important one, as one can give proper attention to the students, can understand the problems which are being faced by the students in the academic course and then they can accordingly guide them. Academic course, reading skill or writing skill all can be covered by the help of a private tutor.


But the problem is how to find out the best private tutor.


The following suggestions for choosing a private tutor.


1. There must be a good rapport between the private tutor and student. If the report doesn’t take place and cause disturbance and chaos, then look for another tutor. is the ideal platform for searching for best home tutor around your vicinity.

2. They Plan tutoring for the time of day that the student is fresh and ready to learn. Tutoring is an intense learning experience and you want to take every advantage of it. Many students are at their best before school and many schools will facilitate tutoring during the school day.

3. Set the goals of tutoring with the tutor. Be sure you are both clear about whether you are focusing on remedial work, content subjects, or how to study.

4. Schedule a minimum of two lessons a week. Students need practice and repetition to master their lessons and it takes the time to see improvement.

5. Arrange to talk with the tutor periodically to monitor progress, when the child is not present.

6.  Ask the student’s teacher to talk with the tutor. Teachers feel reassured to know that someone is helping a student and they are working toward common goals.

7.  Tell your child why she/he is getting tutoring and what you hope to accomplish so that she/he will feel hopeful.


Qualities of a good Home tutor

1.  Good Listener – Learn to listen perceptively to what the student is really saying. A good tutor will listen to the student problem and then will try to solve.

2.  Responsive – Recognize and show appreciation for the student’s strong points and accomplishments and then work on the student’s deficiency.

3. Patience and Flexibility – Approach the material in small, manageable units to allow the student to learn each concept and skill.  Be prepared to present the material in several different ways.

4. Trustworthy and Professional – Maintain a professional attitude towards the students.  Keep confidential any personal or academic information about the student. 

5.  Realistic – Don’t expect miracles.  Don’t hold it against a student if, after all your help, he still fails the course.  Don’t hold it against yourself, either.  Your best effort and the student’s is the most you can expect. helps students to find perfect home tutors. As per the requirement of the students or their parents, thoroughly search for the best tutor, who then goes after a stringent verification and test before he is shortlisted. FREE Demo class is being arranged for the student where students and their parents can assess the tutor’s teaching skills. initially collects tutor data. With thorough assessment of data, Tutor enrollment test (TET) is being carried on. After passing TET then a demo class is being conducted where communication skill, professional behavior, Interactive skills and subject knowledge is being tested off the tutor. And after passing all the test and parameter finally the tutor is being onboard on


Students and parents can search Home tutor on  or download the app from play store. Parents can also search for home tutors by writing to us on or call us on +91-9167-467-467.