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FAQs - Tutors

Genext Students is India’s 1st AI powered Home Tutoring Ecosystem which uses technology to connect the parent and student with the right tutor for CBSE, ICSE, International & State Boards for KG – 12 class. We not just enable them to connect with each other, but also learn in the best possible way and grow to their maximum potential by facilitating the tutors to stimulate holistic development of the student through a combination of in-person tutoring and highly personalized technology-driven learning through content, tests, and real-time progress tracking and analysis. Thus, besides, facilitating the parents, we also empower individuals passionate about teaching to become entrepreneurs, and in turn, leading the creation of a wave of ‘TUTORPRENEURS’ across the country.

Download the “Genext Tutor” mobile App from Play Store or App Store and register for free. Post mobile number verification, you can update your preferences and complete the on-boarding process before you start receiving matching home tutoring queries.

We provide matching home tutoring queries for free to all relevant & verified Genext Tutors. The same are shared with you via the Genext Tutor App. You will receive a notification once a matching query is available. You can check all the relevant details like Board, Class, Subject, Location / Distance, etc. and decide whether you want to pursue it further or not. If you decide to pursue the same, click on “Apply Query” to submit your interest application. Our proprietary AI powered match-making algorithm evaluates each tutor’s profile on over 30+ parameters for each tutoring query so that the student & parents are connected with the right tutor.

You can easily view the status of your application from the Genext Tutor App itself. Just go the Queries -> Applied Query. Your application status is shown beside each query. Note that like you, many other tutors would also have applied for the same query. The parent finally decides which tutor they want to schedule a demo class with. Hence, be patient and keep applying to queries frequently. Talk to our counselors in case you have any doubts on how to improve your conversions.

Once a parent shortlists you, our team will get in touch with you to schedule a Free Demo class. It is a 1-hour interaction session wherein both of you get to meet & interact with each other. An ideal session will have a 10 mins Benchmark Test by the student, 20 mins Test evaluation and interaction with the parent and 30 mins of tutoring on a chosen topic. The benchmark test is a short MCQ test based on the previous standard’s syllabus which the child needs to take from your smartphone. An instantaneous report is generated post the test which helps you understand the child’s current grasp on the subject and the areas s/he needs to improve upon. Based on this, you can chalk out a personalized learning plan and modify your teaching methodology for maximum benefit. It is an outstanding tool to understand the child’s learning needs and impress the parent & differentiate yourself from the next-door tutor. Note that feedback is taken after each demo class, so always give your best in each demo.

The registration is completely free. And so is the query sharing and application. In fact, we even pay you for successfully completing a demo. We only charge fees once you start tutoring. This is in lines with our principal that we start earning when YOU start earning. We also provide entire study content, tests & assessments, training and many other benefits throughout your tutoring assignment.

The earning potential as a Genext Tutor is only limited by the time you can devote for tutoring. On an average, a tutor can earn anywhere between Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- per month. We’ve also had tutors who have earner over Rs. 80,000/- per month.

Creating an impressive & complete profile is important for 2 reasons: 1. Each tutor has his/her own webpage. Details that you provide about yourself (apart from personal information – which always remains secure & encrypted) are visible there so that the parents can view your profile & shortlist you for a demo class. 2. It also helps our AI powered algorithms to match your profile & preferences with the requirements of the child and the parents. A complete profile, with a well described About Me section increases your chances of being selected by over 35%.

Orientation videos are explainer videos for each of the key modules of the app. This helps you understand how to get the most out of your Genext Tutor App and also clear most of the doubts you may have. It also explains our processes and policies.

We take the security of the child as well our tutors very seriously. In order to verify the claims about your profile and background, you need to upload relevant document proofs. Be rest assured that the same are never shared with anyone and are securely encrypted. Similarly, Bank details are required to process your Demo & Tutoring payments electronically via online transfers.

Proficiency test are short MCQ tests specially designed by our expert team to evaluate a tutor’s proficiency in the respective subjects. It is advised that you take this test very seriously as a lower score in these test severely affects the probability of getting a query and a demo. Note that once taken, you cannot take the test again. Hence, be thoroughly prepared before attempting the same.

Genext Tutors get paid on 2 occasions –
1. On successfully completing a Demo – The payment for the same is usually credited within 10 working days from the date of the connect.
2. Tutoring Assignments – Like any post-paid connection, your tutoring assignment also follows a billing cycle. E.g. if the connect started on say 13th June, your billing cycle will be 13th June to 12th July. The payment of the total number of hours actually tutored is credited within 10 working days from the end of the billing cycle. Note that the payment will be for the total number of hours actually tutored based on the attendance marked from the Genext Tutor App.

Your Genext Tutor App has a feature called “Attendance”. Once you reach the student’s house, you have to click “Start Session” to start the session. You can keep the phone aside or minimize the app and keep using the phone normally. Once you complete the session, go back to the app and click “Stop Session”. Your attendance is successfully recorded once you get the confirmation screen. The app uses minimum internet data. Note that the real-time updates of start & stop sessions are given to the student’s parents.

Marking attendance is directly linked to your payments as payment is calculated based on the total number of hours clocked via the Genext Tutor App. We encourage tutors to also update the chapter progress as the parents are notified about the same and help build confidence in you. You can ask the child to take the test from the Tutor App and evaluate the performance immediately thereafter. Parents can also view these performance reports. It is also an outstanding tool to impress & update the parent & differentiate yourself from the next-door tutor.

If for some reason you are not able to go for a particular class, ensure that you update the parent as well as Genext Students team about the same via email. Note that attendance for that class will not be counted.

If the parent asks you to take additional classes, especially if the child is struggling or during exams, you can check your schedule / availability and take the extra sessions if possible. Inform the parent that the attendance for the extra session will be marked and counted in the billing period. Also inform the Genext Students team about the extra sessions via email to avoid discrepancies later.

Parents details are not shared with the tutors. You can only call the parent from the Genext Tutor App once your demo is scheduled. Similarly, you can call the parent from the My Students section of the Genext Tutor App once you have successfully connected with the student.

Reward points are points each tutor earns on completing various tasks or activities in the Genext Tutor App. Each point is equivalent to Rs. 1/-. You can redeem these points against e-gift vouchers and recharge vouchers via the “Reward Points” section in the Genext Tutor App.

Yes. You can refer your friends and family and earn reward points which can be redeemed against e-gift vouchers and recharge vouchers. Click on the “Refer & Earn” section in the Genext Tutor App, copy your unique reference code and share it via the below available options. Note that your friend will have to input the code at the time of registration and complete the on-boarding & verification process in order for both of you to earn the reward points.

You can email us at or call us on 8080544000 b/w 10 AM to 7 PM on weekdays & 10:00 AM & 2:30 PM on Saturday & speak to our counselor.