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Finding a tutor? We at Genext Students can help get a better home tutor in Pune

States of the country like Pune, where both parents need to work in order to suffice all the needs and fulfil all the requirements of the family. It becomes almost impossible for both the parents to work all day and then come back home and stay up late helping the child learn all the subjects he had been taught in school. The teachers at school teach a bunch of forty to fifty students at a time. When a particular student faces trouble in understanding a certain topic off a subject, the teacher cannot concentrate on that student. This is when home tutors in Pune are required.

Home tuitions in Pune lets your stay updated with the new syllabuses at all time.

This is mainly because of the dominance of the syllabus in the educational system of India. in order to cope up with all the difficulties, the parents often choose our services at Genext Students to opt and avail for the home tuition in Pune. The services provided by us are of top-notch quality and the services rendered by our recruited members of the association makes sure that they provide the students with the best kind of services which makes them intelligent and also makes them remember the topics which they learn.

Why choose private tutor in Pune from Genext Students??

Let us brief you in as to why we at Genext Students provide the best teachers in the state.

  • The private tutors in Pune whom we recruit are assessed before taken in for the job. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked before recruitment.
  • The teachers recruited are not amateurs. We make sure that they have past experiences and knows how to execute and explain a certain topic to the students.
  • We also make sure that the behaviour of the teachers is in terms. Misbehaviour of any kind with our customers is not tolerated.
  • The teachers must be able to speak freely and converse in a friendly one which can make the environment comfortable for the child and make him or her interact more with his or her teacher.

Private home tutor in Pune making sure to make them prosper in their studies.

With our services rendered in and around Pune, the parents of the children in Pune and also the private home tutors in Pune have seen a significant rise in the quality of their studying pattern and they have also proved how well the services rendered by our teachers are. They have been scoring well in their examinations and also doing well in both classwork and also homework.

Full effort in a comforting environment and a friendly teacher-student relation by home tutors in Pune

The home tutor in Pune teachers whom we outsource makes sure that the child is given full attention to and also makes sure that whatever trouble the child might have, by making a comforting environment, they speak up so that the teachers we provide can handle the situation and make them understand the topic well. By giving such efforts to the students, the students feel safe and free to engage with their teachers and become friends with them and study well.

Get quality service from the home tutor teaching jobs in Pune at a minimal fee.

One might think that the fees of using such kind of services in a city like Pune can be quite a bit hefty on the pockets. We assure you that the quality of service we provide is giving out a minimal fee structure. The fees for such kind of services are so low that every parent living in and around Pune can actually get the services of a home tutor. Thus, this becomes better for home tutor jobs in Pune and this keeps on rising as per the demands of the people.

All you have to do is post your requirement at and our AI powered technology will match the right tutor for you. Genext Students has over 12000+ verified & qualified home tutors across multiple cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & Pune in India.

Our expert counselling team will also connect with you to share the tutor’s profiles and help you choose the right tutor for the Free demo class. For more assistance, call +91- 8080-544-000.

Yes. All our tutors follow a very strict on-boarding, orientation and verification process. They also have to take subject proficiency tests which help us understand their expertise in the particular subject. Regular feedback is taken from the parents after each demo and tutoring session which helps us rate the tutors and assure you of the best quality.

Yes. Once you shortlist a tutor, our counselling team helps you schedule a Free Demo class. It is a 1-hour interaction session wherein both of you get to meet & interact with each other. An ideal session will have a 10 mins Benchmark Test by the student, 20 mins Test evaluation and interaction with the tutor and 30 mins of tutoring on a chosen topic. The benchmark test is a short MCQ test based on the previous standard’s syllabus which the child needs to take from the tutor’s smartphone. An instantaneous report is generated post the test which helps the tutor understand the child’s current grasp on the subject and the areas s/he needs to improve upon. Based on this, the tutor can chalk out a personalized learning plan and modify his/her teaching methodology for maximum benefit.

Yes. As part of the service offering, the student gets access to online study content and assessments. S/he also gets curated study notes & questions banks from our content partners – Oswaal & Target Publications (Available for select board & class only). You can also track your child’s learning progress in real-time via the Genext Parent App which can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store. The online study content can be accessed via our Website or Android Student Study App.

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