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Rs.14,000.00 Rs.6,300.00


Losing sleep trying to improve your child’s concentration?

Do you want your child to develop a deep understanding of subjects like Math, English and Science?

Want to build a better foundation of concepts?

Research has shown that Hands-On Activities creates deeper understanding, makes studies exciting and leaves a lasting impact on your children.





How our activities work?


You will receive a total of 12 Activity Kits over the next 12 months.

Your first Box with 3 Activity Kits will be delivered to you in a week.

Your second, third and fourth Boxes will be delivered to you after 3, 6 and 9 months.

These 12 Activity Kits help your child experiment, construct and explore topics that they will study at school, thereby helping your child develop a sustained interest in studies.



In addition, receive the following printed Worksheets:

60 Science Worksheets

260 Maths Worksheets

80 Social Studies Worksheets

80 English Worksheets.



Worksheets create a habit of regular and thorough practice that keeps them ahead. You also receive access to hundreds of online learning videos that explain concepts in these subjects. A complete learning solution for the next 12 months that ensures academic success!




1 Year Subscription – 4 boxes
Cta Std3 To Std 10
12 Activity kits
Printed Worksheets & App for



Social Studies

You Pay Rs 14000/-

Rs. 6300/-



How does this product work?

With a 12 month subscription you get 12 Activity Kits. Each Activity kit will contain all the disassembled materials required to perform the Activity, along with an Instruction Manual. Detailed steps are given in the Instruction Manual on how to perform the Activity. By going through the Instruction Manual, your child will work on a topic. For eg, she may construct a Solar System, a Planetarium, a Simple Machine or a Model of the Human Heart, according to her standard. This will help your child clarify difficult concepts, connect theory to practical applications and lead to your child enjoying studies. In addition, you also get Printed Worksheets covering topics that your child should be studying in that Standard. Your child also gets access to our software that has concept videos mapped to syllabus for the listed subjects.  In summary, it’s a comprehensive package that creates interest in studies, clarifies concepts and supports regular and thorough practice- all the elements that ensure academic success!

When do I get my Activity Kits?

The first box containing 3 Activity Kits and your first set of worksheets are shipped out typically in 2 business days. The second box is shipped out 3 months later , the third ships in 6 months and fourth in 9 months. This ensures that your child receives just the right quantity of kits and worksheets for each quarter.

Is the price all-inclusive?

Yes, the price includes cost of entire package described above: 12 Activity Kits, Worksheets and access to videos for the next 12 months. Price also includes Shipping and taxes.