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Loratis uses holistic approach when it comes to Career Guidance. It takes into account a ‘complete person’ rather than just a ‘part’ of you. It understands you from all dimensions that are important in making critical career decisions – short as well as long term. This approach ensures ‘Success’ and ‘Happiness’ of a person in his/her academic & professional life. 


As part of our assessment process, we measure the following factors.  

Personality: Personality is very important in career decision process. This is because we all have a typical pattern of behavior which is hard to change. Your academic and work-related activity needs to take this into account. We measure 18 different personality factors (which is an extended version of world famous Big 5 assessment used worldwide including 500 fortune companies). Some of the factors are Autonomy, Achievement, Affiliation, Cognitive Structure, Understanding, Endurance etc.

Abilities: Ability of the person is the reflection of intelligence. This gives you ‘speed’ in your career, if the work you select is as per your ‘type of ability’. We measure 7 types of Abilities such as Reasoning, Numerical, Verbal etc. ​

Interest: What you enjoy doing repeatedly is your ‘Real Interest’, and what you enjoy doing sometimes is your ‘hobby’. If you choose a career in the area of your real interest, you enjoy it for a long duration of your career. You become an ‘Expert’ in a few years. Through a set of highly researched statements, we assess your ‘interests’ to understand what is your ‘work style’, what is your preferred ‘work environment’ etc, and figure out what kind of ‘Job’ you really relate to.


Clients at Loratis benefit in the following ways:

  • Client generates good understanding about the self in the aspects of his/her personality, ability and interests.
  • Client gets complete academic and career information for better understanding of their career.
  • Clients are able to make right career decisions in the larger interest of their growth, success and satisfaction.
  • Clients become active managers of their own career paths confidently without being affected by externally influencing forces.



Loratis Student Brochure

Loratis has a systematic and scientific process of addressing your career needs. It doesn’t go by ordinary and doubtful ways & means when it comes to your career decisions. The steps followed are based on years of research and real-life practice.

Step-1 (Assessment): Once you make the payment, we will send you links for our world-class   on-line assessments. This is an approximately 120 min, highly reliable, validated and internationally recognized online assessment. Some part of this is developed in India, and some in the US to make it complete & full-proof. It has got 3 sections – Personality, Interest and Ability.

Step-2 (Career Reports): Once you complete the assessment, we generate the reports of your talent & passion profile.

Step-3 (Analysis & Conclusion): We then analyze the data from the reports to conclude on the Education and Professional Career Path that best suits you (so that you enjoy the studies). We look at your profile and match it with thousands of careers to come up with the best fit options.

Step-4 – Discussion: This is the most important part wherein, you will meet our expert to understand yourself and your career path. All doubts are cleared during this session.

Step-5 – Information:  We provide you the report along with other information on suitable degree, suitable work as per the suggested careers.










1. What is the meaning of Loratis?

Loratis is a new word coined by us. It is a fusion of two Latin words – Laurels means ‘Success’, and Partis means ‘Direction’. So, Loratis means ‘Direction of Success’.

2. What is Psychometric Assessment?

In simple terms, psychometric assessment is a set of questions, words, and statements put together to understand the behavioral pattern, talent, interest and personality of a person. Each sentence or word is scientifically chosen to measure a particular human dimension. The well-researched psychometric assessments accurately measures the required dimensions.

3. What are the steps to take Loratis Career Counseling Service?

There are following five simple steps:

  • Fill a brief information form about yourself
  • Online payment
  • 3 online psychometric assessment tests of total 2-hr duration
  • Discussion and counseling by an expert
  • Clarifying the doubts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

4. Is there any age limit to take Loratis Career Counseling Service?

The Career Counseling service offered to 9 -12th Std Students, is for the age group of 13 years till 19 years. The tests are scientifically designed for the students of this age group.

5. What types of assessment tests are conducted for 9 -12th Std Students?

To help the students to understand the right academic and professional path, Loratis measures following dimensions for the 360-degree understanding of a student’s career:

  1. Ability: 7 types of abilities such as numerical, mechanical, logical, spatial, closure, verbal, etc. are measured through a timer-based questionnaire.
  2. Personality: 18 different dimensions of personality are measured to accurately understand the repetitive pattern of behavior of a student and his comfort zone.
  3. Interest: A student’s interest is measured across 30 different job-groups, which include 100s of types of jobs. The deeper interests are separated from his/her hobbies.
  4. Do we get any kind of report from Loratis?

Loratis generates detailed reports on all the above dimensions for career analysis. However, a summarized report of 10-12 pages in a reader-friendly format is sent to you before the discussion session with the counselor.

7. Who has developed Loratis Psychometric assessment?

Two of the Loratis test namely Personality, and Interest are developed by late Dr. Douglas Jackson, a pioneer in psychometric assessments across the world. His assessments have been used worldwide by over five million people.

8. If I have already decided something about my career, how your process helps me?

With the help of our process you will get reassured, scientifically, whether you are going in the right direction. Also, what kind of self-development you can undertake to be successful in that career.                                If the career recommended is different from what you thought (decided), you can correct yourself to take the path for higher level of success & happiness. Get full clarity before putting in 1000s of hours of study and lakhs of Rupees worth resources.

9. Do we get any additional information from Loratis?

Apart from the psychometric test-based career report, you will get a brief description on each career that is right for you, e.g. marketing, media analyst, data science, software programmer, linguist etc. You also get information on degree, subjects, specializations, eligibility condition for admission and some college details for the course suitable for you.

10. Can we approach Loratis after the Career Counseling Process is over?

You, can ask us any question based on the psychometric report and the discussion by sending us an email. For any additional discussion sessions,  a separate paid session can be scheduled.

11. Who will do my Career Counseling?

A well trained, certified, qualified and experienced person will be doing the career counseling for you, who will answer all questions to your satisfaction. 

12. What is included in the Career Counseling discussion?

The 45 -60 minutes career counseling discussion includes explanation of your career report (3-sections) step by step, to make you understand your strengths, abilities & interests. Your views will also be heard by the counselor with full attention. The last part of the discussion will focus on: what degree/career is right for you and why.

13. I do not stay in Pune or Bangalore, how my counseling can be done?

Many of our clients are from places other than the above including from foreign countries. You can take the online psychometric assessment test from your home through a computer with internet connection. The links for the same will be sent to you by email. The counseling discussion can happen either at our Pune, Bangalore office (if you can travel), or through video/phone calls. The report will be sent to you by email.

14. In how much time I will get the assessment link after I make the payment?

Once you make the payment, it takes some time for us to get the notification. So, you will get the assessment links within 24 hours after we receive the notification.

15. I am academically not doing good, in what way your process helps me?

Some people do not have high academic ability. In such case it is all the more important to engage with our service; as it will tell you where your action lies. In which study and work/job you will be happy & successful.